Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Comfy pillows and a cozy quilt.

I love sewing. Constructing. Pattern making. Anything that involves being creative with fabric, it's been a love of mine for as long as I can remember. I took sewing in 4-H. Was a fashion/product development major in college and have sewn countless things throughout my life.

About 4 years ago I got a brand new sewing machine for Christmas. It doesn't have many miles on it though... I thought it was broken... but low and behold, I was just having a huge blonde moment {I can say that, cause I'm blonde ;)}. It wasn't broken, I just didn't look at something correctly. Silly me!

However... NOW I have my sewing machine in working order and I don't have to borrow anyones. {YAYYYYYYY...I'm seriously doing a happy dance!} My head is filling to the brim with new ideas to work on. Sunday I worked on fixing an antique quilt my great grandma made... It looks great now! And last night I began working on some pillows for our living room {the coral and leopard print} and for my bedroom {the patchwork}.

I have so many projects I want to work on - I can't wait to share them {and maybe sell them} with you all!!

Happy Tuesday loves! Hope you have a fabulous day!

Love always,

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  1. Love it! I really want to get a sewing machine after the wedding so I can venture into new areas of craftiness. ;]


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