Tuesday, August 30, 2011

while thrifting... {jcrew dress}

good morning, dolls.
how are you?

so i found this little gem while thrifting...

it's a navy, j.crew dress. i paid $3.00 for it. {i repeat... i paid $3.00 for a barely worn jcrew dress. #winning} i fell in love with it. it's so simple that it can be worn a bazillion ways. the neckline is a very low scoop with a slight ruffle. the dress is just a straight cut that falls right above the knee {it's much longer than it appears on my form - apparently she has larger hips than i do. ;)}. basically the perfect classic dress.

leopard cardigan: JcPenney {last winter}. belt: abercrombie kids {4 years ago}. ballet flats: marshalls {not pictured}

 i paired this simple dress with a leopard cardigan, cream textured belt, and pair of cream/black ballet flats. {i'm not disclosing the entire picture yet because it will be featured in uweekly on Wednesday for a street style segment! EEEK!} i also threw a navy tank underneath the dress because it was WAYYY too low cut. this was a comfy, fallish look {and i am SOOOO ready for fall, are you??}.

i'm excited to see how many other ways i can wear this dress. it was a fantastic thrifting find. #score {yep, i just hashtagged in my blog, get over it ;)}

on another note... i got my first shellac manicure today {have you guys tried this stuff, yet??}. my mom has been getting them for a while and swears by them...
a manicure that last 3 weeks...
seems too good to be true...
but here's to hoping...

i love this color. {please excuse the deformed hand look} it's the perfect transition from summer to fall color and will go with anything. love. love. love.

have you found any amazing finds while thrifting?? how did you wear them??

happy tuesday, pumpkins. hope you have a fabulous day.

love always.

Friday, August 19, 2011

oh hey... remember me?!

hi my pretties...

how are you?
how has your summer been? 
mine's been good. busy. good. and busy. 

i know, i've been MIA for a few weeks. i needed to find some inspiration. needed to step back and reevaluate some things. work on me... then work on this. {plus, it was summer vaca... duh.} 
and with back to school and fall right around the corner... i thought it'd be back to blog too. 
Source: ow.ly via shillyana on Pinterest

i've missed you all. 
so much. 

hope you haven't forgotten about me. 
and i hope you will bear with me during the construction of this guy. i've got some big ideas and thoughts.  and have found some inspiration the last few weeks... and i desperately needed it. i was lacking in some major ways. and for a girl like me who thrives off of the things around me sparking my creativity... it was awful... just didn't feel right.

but... i have a feeling this fall is going to be a good one... and this blog is going to reflect that. 
expect to see this little bad boy up and running very soon! Eeeeek!
{p.s. this is my 100th post {which is kinda like a birthday! eeek!} - BUT i think is a fantastic time to do a little revamping... of everything. don't ya think?!}

have a fabulous friday and an even more fabulous weekend! 
i know i will.
love always.