Friday, August 19, 2011

oh hey... remember me?!

hi my pretties...

how are you?
how has your summer been? 
mine's been good. busy. good. and busy. 

i know, i've been MIA for a few weeks. i needed to find some inspiration. needed to step back and reevaluate some things. work on me... then work on this. {plus, it was summer vaca... duh.} 
and with back to school and fall right around the corner... i thought it'd be back to blog too. 
Source: via shillyana on Pinterest

i've missed you all. 
so much. 

hope you haven't forgotten about me. 
and i hope you will bear with me during the construction of this guy. i've got some big ideas and thoughts.  and have found some inspiration the last few weeks... and i desperately needed it. i was lacking in some major ways. and for a girl like me who thrives off of the things around me sparking my creativity... it was awful... just didn't feel right.

but... i have a feeling this fall is going to be a good one... and this blog is going to reflect that. 
expect to see this little bad boy up and running very soon! Eeeeek!
{p.s. this is my 100th post {which is kinda like a birthday! eeek!} - BUT i think is a fantastic time to do a little revamping... of everything. don't ya think?!}

have a fabulous friday and an even more fabulous weekend! 
i know i will.
love always.

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