Monday, July 11, 2011

Miscellany Monday {weekend edition}

Happy Monday Kids!
How was your weekend?

I finally started feeling better {yay!!} and went for a lil weekend away to way southern Ohio. It was a good time and the basis for my Miscellany Monday ;)

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

We went to  local bar and I tried their own Raspberry Wheat beer. It was delicious. {Plus I just recently got my hair done - I'm loving the fresh blonde!!} AND I'm rocking my Clueless tank top - my mom and brother have made fun of my countless time because they think it's a bit ridiculous. I, on the other hand... LOVE it. And that's all that matters. #cherismyhero #imnotlying {remember that whole Twitter hashtag thing that I randomly do while not on Twitter? Yup, just happened again. :)}

How pretty is this? Spent Saturday here - My bestie, Missy was having her family reunion here. And I tagged along. It was a day in the country eating delicious food, fishing {and I caught a fish!}, and just relaxing in the sun. Not too shabby.  

Friday night we went boating on the Ohio River. There's something so peaceful about being on a boat, in the evening, hanging out with friends, and just living. it was such a gorgeous night!

Boating - notice the wind blown hair?! {Before the boat ride I had nice, straight hair - after the boat ride it was back to it's usual wavy/curly self. Thank you humidity.} It was well worth it though!! And we acquired glow necklaces at the bar... I'm not real sure why?! But who says no to a glow necklace?

How cute is this lil guy?! He was wondering around at the farm we were at. He doesn't look very happy. 

So that was my random, miscellaneous weekend!
 How was yours?! What'd you do?!

Have a good week!!! 

Love always.


  1. aw that kitty is soooo cute - and so are you!!

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