Thursday, July 7, 2011

no rhyme or reason.

hi my little lovelies.
how are you?

i'm on vaca this week - BUT not the run away to wonderfully deserted island with a sexy boy by my side type of vaca. {boo. hiss.}

i'm on the go home to the country and wake up feeling miserable type of vaca. not. cool. at. all. vaca gods. ugh, what were they thinking?! 

however, despite the feeling of complete discomfort i do get to see my family, sleep in {when i can sleep - which is clearly NOT tonight}, get my hair done {i may not feel well, but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do} hang out with my friends, and basically just be lazy. which is nice. 

i have missed you kids. when did life get so busy that i couldn't blog?! *sigh* 

today i don't have much rhyme or reason - just wanted to stop by and chat with y'all. and leave you with somethings i have found just lovely... 

i love this - very thought provoking. and it makes me want to run out and try something new {ahem,  being sick on vaca does NOT count.}

i have gone back and forth for a few years with having bangs and not - and i recently decided i think i want to try again with them. so there's a goooood chance that after tomorrow {when i get my blonde touched up} that i'm gonna chop some bangs... yep, i don't like ANYONE else cuttings my bangs. slightly anal, i know.

i love everything about this. messy hair. thick rimmed glasses. dip dyed hair. i dig it. i think it's a very fun look. i need to wear my faux glasses more - i love the look. {yup, i'm the weirdo who wears glasses but doesn't need them?! #dontjudge} - twitter hashtag just felt appropriate. #dontask

once i start feeling better - i'm going low carb. one of my sweet friends has done it for a year and she looks fabulous. i'm gonna give it a go - i think i can do it. {trust me, i'll keep you posted on it. the good, the bad, the ugly of going low carb.}

so classy and effortless. i absolutely adore this look.  white dresses are the epitome of summer, in my fashion heart of hearts anyhow. 

and with that said dollfaces, i'm out of here. it's time for me to attempt some sleep. {note to self - pain meds with caffeine in them WILL trump tylenol pm. no bueno chica. no bueno.}

hope y'all have an amazing rest of the week. 

love always.


  1. So sorry you aren't feeling fun at all.
    Fun post though with great pictures..good luck on the low carb diet. I could never do that, ha.
    Love ya!

  2. Oh my, I agree with you on being anal about your bangs! I used to have side swept bangs and wouldn't let anyone touch them!! I had some very bad experiences with hairdressers in the past :/ not good!

    Good luck with your low carb diet! I really am wanting to try gluten-free diet, so looks like we both start suffering through diets together!

    Love your blog, uber cute ; )

  3. Sorry your vacation is sucky, but I would love a country vacation! Heck, I just want to get OUT of the city so bad! It sucks the life out of you.

  4. Total embarassing story: When I was younger, I wanted to be an Olsen twin SO BAD that I used to bend my parents' tri-fold mirrors in their bathroom and talk to my "sisters" MK and A.

    I'm cool. ;)

    -Sar (found you through blog hopping and thought I'd say hi!)

  5. sorry you don't feel well... I hope you can enjoy the most of your vacation as possible though! Thinking of you!



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