Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Happy, happy, HAPPY birthday!

Happy, HAPPY, happy birthday to three awesome ladies today!!

{How cute are my parents?? This is when they were probably around my age... }

It's my Momma's birthday! Everyday I thank my lucky stars for her. I'm so thankful to be able to call her one of my best friends. I can tell her anything and know she will always give me her honest opinion {whether I want to hear it or not!}. She always supports me and my crazy thoughts and endeavors. She's beautiful, strong, honest, driven, creative, and just absolutely amazing. I pray everyday that I make her proud and that I grow up {yes, yes I know I'm grown...but ya know what I mean!} to be the amazing wife, mother, and friend that she is. Happy Birthday, Mom!

It's miss @megroso's birthday today too! Pop on over to her twitter or blog and leave her some Happy Birthday love! I've known this girl for years! But we have only recently reconnected thru our creative goals. She's such a great girl! Always smiling, keeping people motivated, and a just a true breath of fresh air! Happy Birthday, Meg!

It's also @designsbymandi's birthday! I met her through Meg. We instantly connected with our love for fashion and all things sparkly and beautiful! Mandi has a fabulous online jewelry boutique, make sure you pop over and shop around, check out her blog, and leave her some Happy Birthday wishes as well! Happy Birthday, Mandi!

HAPPY birthday to anyone else who is celebrating their birthday today!!

Anyone special in your life celebrating today???

Happy hump day, kids! And happy birthday to you three lovely ladies!

Love always.


  1. That's about the sweetest thing you've ever done! Thank you, Jac. I'm honored and blessed that I have such a thoughtful and beautiful daughter. Love you

  2. Aww happy birthday to them! I'm celebrating my bday in June!!


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