Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The bucket list. 28 things.

Turning 28 feels weird to me. I feel like I should be married, having kids, living the white picket fence dream.  At least that’s what I thought when I was 18. Then – 28 seemed a lifetime away. And it was – just as 18 seem like a lifetime ago. It’s funny; we are planning out 10 year class reunion – 10 years? Where’d the time go?

Some awesome bloggers {like her and her} have made “bucket lists” and I’ve always wanted to make one. To make a list of all the crazy, simple, silly, outlandish things I can think of that I REALLY want to do.  So I thought what better time than my 28th birthday to begin one…

So here goes, guys. {and I highly encourage you make one of your own if you haven't already!}

1.     Learn to surf.
2.     Make it to Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.
3.     Sew {and design} a party dress.
4.     Live in a pink house.
5.     Go for a girl’s weekend with my Mom.
6.     Take a picture of myself in front of the Eiffel Tower. 
7.     Go “unplugged” for a week.
8.     Take my kids on family vacations like my parents did. {Those are some of my favorite memories}
9.     Send snail mail more often. Who doesn’t love getting fun mail?!
10.  Watch every Audrey Hepburn movie.

Source: None via lizzie on Pinterest

11.  Have weekly father/daughter dates.
12.  Find “movie love” – I believe it exists.
13.  Run in the Race for the cure next  May.
14.  Live by the beach {maybe in my pink house…}
15.  Host {and cook} a holiday family gathering.
16.  Read the classics. {Wuthering Heights, Pride and Prejudice, Jane Erye} 
17. Lose 15 lbs. For real, with good ole diet and exercise.
18. Read all the books that I buy. 
19. When I go to bed at night, unplug myself. Put my phone away, turn the TV off and read.
20. Volunteer at the Humane Society.
21. Travel all over Europe.
22. Grow my hair long. Longer than I've ever had it. 
23. Give my clothes to a girl that needs them.
24. Go on a clothing detox and not buy anything for 30 days.
25. Find a way to create more hours in the day. {What - a girl can dream. ;)}
26. Raise my family {when I have one} in the country. Like I was raised.

27. Take more me time.
28. Help start a clothing brand, from the ground up.

When you sit down and think about the things you want to do before you die. It's not an easy task. Some things are hard to put into words. Some are just completely silly. And some... I just don't know that the world needs to know them. {No offense, loves - but sometimes we have to keep a few things a bit private ;)}

I started with 28 - because... I just turned 28. I hope to add to it and to cross things off and keep you guys updated throughout - now you all can kind of hold me accountable. {That's a little intimidating!}

Have you made a bucket list?!

Happy Tuesday, loves.

Love always.


  1. This is fantastic! You can always break it up into things you want to do before a certain age- bucket list seems so morbid :) My hubby and I have a cradle list - things we want to do before we have kids...then we'll evolve it as we go :)

  2. such a good list!!!! can't to see how they all unfold!!

  3. I loved reading these =) I am so glad you made a list and I hope you accomplish many of them soon..you have some great ones on there!


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