Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I'm thinking... Prince Harry??

I'll admit. I wasn't into the whole Royal Wedding thing, at all. I couldn't wait for it to be over.
I didn't understand the hype. I didn't care either. There were bigger things going on in the world than this wedding that was happening across the ocean.

But... as it got closer... I became more interested.
{I knew it would. I'm the hopeless romantic, fairytales make me swoon kind of girl.}

I blame it on Lifetime. Stupid movie channel and their stupid romance movies about stupid princes falling in love with an everyday girl.
Seriously, what girl doesn't dream of that?
I don't know about you, but I've been hoping to become a real life princess ever since... well, ever since I was born... is that not normal?

So I was hooked.
I watched the movie.
3 times. {Don't judge me.}
I bought the Kate and William Love Story book {really, don't judge me... I don't judge you for your embarrassing book collection. ;)}. This is no joke. I wanted to know more. Their relationship is really like a fairy tale. And as I previously stated... I'm a sucker for those things.
I joined in on the speculation of who was making Kate's dress. {and I approve wholeheartedly with her choice of Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen - STUNNING!!}
I spent far too much time talking with Missy and Amy about the wedding, royalty, history, the fashion, and how we dream of flying over the ocean and meeting Prince Harry and being swept off our feet and becoming Princess Jacqueline of Cambridge... or whatever the Queen wants to call me...
{ok, so maybe I'm alone on that last bit, but it sounds nice, right?}
Anyway, I watched part of the wedding. Live.
The kiss... *swoon* so tasteful and perfect.
And then I had to recap it all with my Momma.
It was quite eventful.


So many beautiful pictures to choose from.
But, lets be honest... how many times can we see the same pictures?!

Did you give into the hype?
Did you watch it? Boycott it? Celebrate with a Royal Wedding party?
{and if so, why didn't you invite me?? Not cool guys, not cool.}

Well, here's a glass of wine {or tea} to me dreaming about a Royal Wedding of my own to Prince Harry...
{BTW - I learned Kate loves Jack Daniels - I need want to drink with this Duchess!}

Happy Tuesday, Dolls.
{I hope it's nice and sunny whereever you are... it's rainy here. again. for the 100th day in a row. blah... wanna send me a plane ticket out of here??}

Love always.


  1. haha i wasn't into it at all until the morning off. now i can't stop hearing enough about it. loooved everything!!

    this post was super cute, as you are :)

  2. you know i watched all the specials and everything all weekend haha

    and yes. i LOVE prince harry. always have :)

  3. Haha you're hilarious. I love that you bought the book.
    I did not get involved in all the hype because I was too busy studying for final exams.... and planning my own wedding! But when I get back I am going to watch it, from the photos it looks lovely!

    & good luck planning your royal wedding to Harry hehe. you're funny. Can't wait to watch it!

  4. Ha ha yeah I'm a wedding planner and wasn't into staying up . . . but you know right when I woke up I googled her dress :-)

  5. This post makes me so happy! I was so excited for the royal wedding...a bit of happiness for a change, a real life fairy tale, and a chance to see Great Britain take on some change. Glad you enjoyed :)

  6. Oh you know the answer for me haha.

    And you have to fight me for the ginger!


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