Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My Birthday Wishlist. {Semi Wordless Wednesday}

Hi loves - how are you?! I feel so very distant this week - what is with me?!
I have really failed this week at blogging. I equate that to it being absolutely disgusting here {we are talking 45 and raining - it's the middle of May. Not. Cool.}, me not feeling 100%, and well, it's my birthday week... so nothing else really matters. {ok, ok, so I haven't really been celebrating it everyday - like I wish I could - but, I can dream and play "princess" all week if I want... and believe me... I have been... and not the good princess. yesterday I had an evil bout as the ice princess... bad. news. bears.}

BUT today... I'm much happier. So thats good for all parties involved - mainly, myself.

So, since it is my birthday eve {and Wednesday}...

Here is my birthday wishlist...
by way of Flip Flops & Pearls Semi Wordless Wednesday!


Feel free to send me anything you see...I won't be too picky ;) hehehe.

yellow wedges. they would seriously go with EVERYTHING. *sigh*
do i want yellow wedges... or sperrys?!
decisions. decisions.

long hair. can you get me this?! or maybe just suggest a magical potion?! 

this manicure. it. is. so. me.

i love this dress. and the bike. i need a bike.

this print... in a frame. because i will forever and always have messy hair. and i have learned to embrace it. love it, really.

he. is. adorable. i want. {this is about the point years ago that I'd put on my begging, pouty face and say "daddyyyy, pleeeeeaseeeee, can i get him?! prettttttty pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease?!" cue pouty face, again... and, it would work. (I will have you know that this act works SO well that my Mom has been known to call me when she wants a puppy/kitten/polar bear/fuzzy cute animal and have me recite this to my Dad. That's the truth, kids.) BUT i'm 28 - and this face and pouty voice doesn't work on many other people. *sigh*} ...and i don't think Tric would enjoy him... cats + rabbits = a massacre. {i've witnessed this. RIP Rascal.}

What?! This is MY wishlist. Therefore, I can wish how BIG or small I want. And I want to go to Paris.
Now. Please send me, or pack me in your suitcase - I'm not picky.

Birthday breakfast, say what?! Lemon pancakes, people. I. would. be. in. heaven.

Hey, if I'm gonna dream - I may as well dream big. We all know how much I want to be a princess. {This week was no exception. I thought I was one.} Oh, Prince Harry... we would make the most adorable couple.

I wish to always remember this.

I need this.

I want to spend a day relaxing, reading, sipping mojitos right here. Someone needs to build me one of these... or just take me here. ;)

I know, I dream big. But thats the point of wishlists, isn't it?!

Happy hump day, dolls!
{And happy birthday eve to me! ;)}

Love always.

p.s. I'm aware of my horrible capitalization errors. Sometimes I was on. sometimes i was off. It's kind of very annoying, right?! Won't happen again. promise. But it's my birthday week, and i'm using it to all advantages. ;) {and I wrote this post over the course of a few hours, and kind of went in... and out of it. Oopsy.}

p.s.s. I love you guys for reading my obnoxious blogs this week. You. Are. Amazing.


  1. Looooove all of the above and wish I could help you get it! I hope you have an awesome birthday, it has been such a joy getting to know you thru this little blogging world. :) You are precious!


  2. Tried to send Prince Harry to Ohio yesterday. Didn't have enough postage. I'll try again today.

  3. your wish list is lovely. I love those yellow wedges and that little bunny :) How cute!

    Happy Birthday!



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