Friday, September 30, 2011

The past.

So. Beyond. True. And such a good reminder. {That I needed.}

Happy Friday, Dolls.

I'll be weddinging {yup, I just made 'wedding' into a verb - deal with it.} it this weekend. Rehearsal dinner tonight, wedding festivities tomorrow. I promise I will post a bajillion pictures.

Love always. 

p.s. Please pray I don't freeze my bum off in my strapless dress tomorrow! Hmm.. on second thought... freezing my bum off doesn't seem so bad... #newweightlossidea #freezetherapy


  1. Love that quote! Let me know how freeze therapy goes, I might try it. :)

  2. Im going to a wedding tomorrow too and I am already trying to figure out where to buy cute tights. Have fun!

  3. Have a wonderful weddingy weekend :) And I needed that quote today - might have to steal it from you...Happy Friday, doll!


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