Monday, September 5, 2011

Urban Originals.

Don't you love when you stumble onto a fabulous online store?

And it's even better when it's not pricey, right? Right!

Do y'all follow J's Everyday Fashion? {If you don't, you should!} Anyways, she was tweeting about this place {Urban Originals} having a sale online and so I checked it out. It's like the Forever 21 of shoes. This is no lie, ladies. Absolutely any style you are looking for... they have it. And you won't be spending an arm and a leg to do it. {most range from $15 - $40} Perfect way to keep up on trends that may not last more than a season or two.

However, I haven't actually purchased anything from here {again, I JUST discovered them and I HAD to blog about it!} So I don't know how they fit, if they're comfortable, whether they're high quality or not, etc; because believe me... it doesn't matter how cheap a pair of shoes are, if they aren't comfortable, they're a waste of money. Period.

But lookie what I found... {and want *swooning*}

I am in love with all of these. I wish I could have just put their entire collection on here... but, there's a lot. So you need to check them out! They have everything; flats, heels, wedges, boots, sailor shoes, seriously anything. 

Have you ever ordered anything from here? 
What's your favorite online shopping site?

Happy Labor Day, kids!

Love always.

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