Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What I wore: Clothes Swap

Every couple months my friends and I gather for a clothing swap. It's this fabulous party where we are encouraged to clean out our closets, bring them to Amy's house, dump them all in a huge pile on the floor, and once someone says go... YOU DIG!

It's so much fun - the ladies go crazy trying on clothes, styling each other, giggling when someone tries to take the actual clothes off your back, sipping on wine, and just having a fun girls night of shopping. {FOR FREE!}

Cardigan: Old Navy. Tshirt: Middle West Spirits. Skirt: Swapped. Flats: Target. Earrings: on a beach in FL.

This is how it began...

and it grew...

and grew...

and this is the final pile! So many cute clothes!

 Amy and I.

The dig began!

All the girls!

Amy, Tammi, and I.

Want to see what I scored at this clothing swap?! {Duh, of course you do!}

Well stay tuned and I'll share my finds with you and how I plan on wearing them!

Happy hump day, kids!

Love Always.

p.s. You all should get your friends together and make time for a clothing swap - they're a lot of fun! And if you're in the cbus area - you should join US in our next one!!

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