Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I do. Crystal and Justin. 10.1.11

I don't know how we are already almost two weeks into October. Time is seriously flying this month. I have been to two weddings in the past two weekends. I'm almost wedding'd out... but, I'm a girl and we kinda love weddings so I've enjoyed them.

Last Saturday, Crystal and Justin got hitched. It was a beautiful ceremony and I was so glad I could be a part of it. Justin has been one of my best friends and part of my family for years {He and my brother are childhood best bff's} and Crystal sweetly told me that day that she was so happy to finally have a sister-in-law. {Not by blood - but, by choice.} I couldn't be happier for them and I hope their marriage brings them much love and happiness throughout the years.

Here are a few pictures from that day. {I was a grooms-gal - just in case you wondered ;)}

The bridal party.

 Our toast to the happy couple. {We toasted with hot apple pie.}

Their first dance. {Somehow this is the only picture I have of them together. #fail}

Justin and my brother. {Best friends.}

Curt and I. 

The groom and I.

We all sang "Friends in Low Places" it was one of those moments you'll always remember. #hadtobethere 

The bride and I.

My family. 

Best friends. {Groom and best man.}

The toast. It was emotional.

And that was wedding round 1. What's with October and weddings??? It's crazy - I think I'll choose a different month when the time rolls around around for me. {hahahahaha} 

Have a wonderful Tuesday, loves.

Love always.

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