Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday Five.

My Friday five... things I'm thankful for. {not in any specific order}

Life lessons...
I think sometimes we forget all too often that these are the things that are forming us each and every day. Whether they are big or small... they make me, me. I'm thankful for every laugh, every tear, every new friend and every old friend, every dumb question, every moment, every broken heart, every lesson that has brought me to where I am...and more importantly, who I am.

It's my escape. Everyone has their "thing" - and fashion is without question, mine. Perhaps superficial to some... but it's mine nonetheless. And I DIE for this woman. She is the epitome of style and glamour.

Having the best of both worlds is something I'm beyond thankful for. I can be in the city and I love my life here but having the ability to go home to the country is a good escape. The friends and family I have back at home are some of the most amazing people in the world. {I know, I say it a lot - but they are.} And I'm so thankful that I when I get to spend time with them.

Nail Polish...
I'm very thankful for this little gem. Whoever came up with paint for your finger nails was a genius, really. C'mon ladies, you know you are with me. Thank you beauty gods, thank you! ;-) p.s. I really want this Chanel shade... #dearsanta

Seriously, what did we ever do without it? Ten years ago I barely had a cell phone, now... I can't imagine being without it. Like right now... I'm texting, tweeting, and blogging... oh the multitasking that can be done. *sigh* Wait, is it sad that I'm so thankful for technology?! 

Oh well.

Happy Friday pretties!

What are you thankful for???

Love always.


  1. Definitely texting...and blogging...and and FB! ;)

  2. I'm beginning to think you and I are soul mates - except for the fashion, which I have absolutely NO clue about :) Much love to you, doll, and look forward to that email :) xoxoo!

  3. Yes to all!! I love fashion and nail polish!!! And even though I am a bit addicted to it, technology!! :) Have a splendid weekend girl!!


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