Monday, December 5, 2011

Capturing the moment. {Or several...}

As I mentioned last week, we have been busy getting things set up for the Amy Clark Studio's grand opening and Saturday was finally the day. It turned out fabulous! Lots of amazing people came out, great food, delicious desserts, and an all around very successful and memorable event.

However, because I was so busy last week with this event I failed to find the energy to blog a whole lot. Oopsy. So I thought I'd dazzle you all with lovely photos taken by my high tech camera {or my phone ;)} of my Saturday. You know you missed me!

And here you go... aren't I the world's best camera phone photographer?! {I'll post event pictures soon!}

 Tric was starring at me when I woke up. Apparently he was hungry. Cat's are so needy. :)

Relaxed in bed for awhile.  


New booties for the event. Love them.  

Tried the OPI Crackle... my nails look like peppermints right now. Not entirely sold on it. But it was fun to try! 

Tried red lips for the FIRST time. {I NEVER wear color on my lips. EVER!} 

What I wore to the event. Fur vest: Thrifted. White long sleeve: Target. Black mini: Forever 21. Booties: Target.

The Studio. We worked so hard on that holiday light display! I promise more pictures of this awesome space soon!

How was your weekend????

Happy Monday, sweets!

p.s. If you aren't tired of reading about me stop over at my girl Erin's blog and read what sweet things she had to say about yours truly. You will fall in love with this blog and her! She's funny, real, and adorable!

Love always.

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  1. Just found your blog! It's super cute and so are you! Can't wait to keep reading!


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