Monday, January 16, 2012

Golden Globes: Red Carpet {almost} Hits.

I didn't watch the red carpet or the Golden Globes {I was busy organizing my crafty space!} but I did manage to check out the photos after the fact. And I must say, I was disappointed. A lot of the dresses didn't seem to fit well, the color wasn't flattering, or it was just a very tired style. 

However, I found six lovely ladies who hit the mark... or at least got close to it. {IMO}

 Maria Menonous. Not many people could pull off such a bright yellow, sequined dress. But she nails it and she kept it classy with a very Breakfast at Tiffany's inspired updo.

Kate Beckinsale. Nude was a hot trend this year and not many got it right, but I think there are few things that don't look good on this woman. Gorgeous. 

Heidi Klum. So, I don't love this dress. It fits ok, it's kind of boring, could easily blend in the background... but her accessorizing is spot on. The turquoise statement necklace is fabulous. She looks youthful. 

 Reese Witherspoon. I like this. Again, don't love it. But I like her in red and strapless... but I really wish the top fit better. And as much as I love messy hair... I think hers could have been done better. 

Julie Bowen. I LOVE this dress. I don't like it on her. Had she had a session or two with a spray tan, I think this would been perfect. But the color matches her skin, it washes her out. However, I do love the retro curls with this gown. 

Jenna Dewan. MY. FAVORITE. She looks beautiful. Perfectly accessorized, sexy silhouette, gorgeous shade of jade green...stunning.

Whose dresses did you love? Hate?

Have a fabulous Monday, lovers.

Love always.


  1. I LOVED Julie Bowen's dress! and I agree with you on the spray tan but I still think she looked fab!

  2. I am watching the GG now in Spain. I loved Mary J Blige and Salma Hayek's Gucci number. I do also love Kate Beckindale that you show above.

  3. I'd do ALMOST anything for that yellow dress! :) l.o.v.e it!

  4. I loved Reese's! I also really like Mila Kunis' dress!

  5. I absolutely agree with you 100%! And that green dress... GORGEOUS.


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