Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy Birthday to you!

Today is one of dearest friends birthday {Amy...pop onto her twitter and wish her a good one!} - we met almost 4 years ago when I began working for her and her family. Who would have known that we would grow into such amazing friends..and that her family would be like a second family to me. We are together more than most {happens when you work together AND are friends outside of it!} and it's almost gotten to the point where we don't even have to speak; we just know what each other are thinking.

It's been such a fun, crazy, silly ride the past 4 years. Vacations, concerts, night outs, night ins, road tripping with the girls, you name it we've done it and loved every minute of it...

Here's a lil trip down memory lane...

p.s. these aren't in any specific order. 

I hope you have the happiest of birthday's, Love. You deserve it. Here's to this being the best year yet and lots more memories to come! 

And anyone else celebrating a birthday today {pssst, RYAN!} HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY birthday to you too!

Love always.


  1. Aww...thank you, love!!! Such great memories in those photos. I literally laughed out loud at "that one"! :-)

  2. How sweet!!
    I hope she has an amazing birthday!!

  3. Looks like you guys have had some pretty fun times!!!! Happy Birthday to Amy!!

  4. aw, happy birthday!!!

    p.s. jacqui, you are too cute for words in all of these pics! :)


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