Tuesday, April 26, 2011

i remember.

I've been home today {duh, it's Easter.} And when I'm home... and bored {or can't sleep, like in this case.} I go through old stuff... journals, pictures, folders, clothes, boxes... it's fun to remember what life was like so long ago. I find such fascination in seeing how I reacted to things so long ago. 

I found my senior year journal. We had prompts every week and Mrs. Keating read them, gave us her comments, and back to us they came. I loved this. I loved writing to her. I loved having to think outside the box. 

And I found this post interesting... just to see how different it'd be if I wrote it now. 

I remember...
March 29, 2001

i remember when life used to be simple. when what you saw is what you got. when you didn't worry about college you would get into. when the thought driving, paying bills, and being alone were the furthest thing from your mind. when the only thing that consumed your mind was when barbie was going to come out with a new doll. when boys had cooties. when holding hands was a big deal. {this still is to me.} when no one thought about kissing, and everyone thought french kissing was disgusting. when you didn't get into fights with your boyfriend over stupid things. when you didn't have to think about whats going to happen to your relationship when you move 3 hours away. when math was simple like 2+2. when you were friends with everyone. i remember when i never thought my years at BU would turn into an "i remember...".

...or maybe it wouldn't be much different at all...
That was written a tiny bit over ten years ago... I remember when high school seemed like the most important thing... and now it's just a very distant memory.

What do you remember?

Happy Tuesday, pretties.

Love always.

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  1. so true, girl. i thought that way in college and now there are different things i think about that i never thought about then.

    and i like look back at old journals. i feel like i learn alot about myself through them. :)


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