Monday, April 18, 2011

Meet Jacqueline {nope, not me!}.

So way back in the day {27 years to be exact} when Momma and Papa Shull decided to go with Jacqueline {Jac} for me they weren’t just taking a stab in the dark with the name. It just so happens to be my grandmother’s {my daddy's momma} name.  And I can’t complain, I have a feeling I was named after one amazing lady… 

 I think I have big shoes to fill and I pray everyday that I’m filling them correctly. I never got the pleasure of knowing my namesake, and I so desperately wish I had. I have always admired her in pictures {she's the only reason I know those adoption stories that my brother used to tell me are false[see the resemblance?]} and in stories my dad and my aunt and uncle tell.  She had such flawless style and after I was looking through pictures this weekend I truly wish items from her closet were still around - it's a true testament that fashion is a never ending cycle, it always comes back around.
large hair accessories.

 the bold print skirt.

retro cut swimwear.

 print dress. belted waist. wedge sandals. 

Walk into Anthropologie... I'd be willing to bet you could find something very similar to each of these pictures {and they're from the '40s!}. I love that.

 All items were found at Anthro {I challenged myself to find similar items - I'd say I did pretty well with my inspiration}. I think it's safe to say that the '40s are definitely playing a large role in fashion today.
There’s something amazingly mysterious about a grandmother {with fabulous style to boot!}… especially to a girl so obsessed with fashion and vintage. Those periods of fashion were so crucial {and so elegant} to where we are today in this industry.
Happy Monday, Pretties. I hope your week starts out well!
Love always.


  1. aw i love old pictures and their style back then was sooooo chic! i also love that you were named aftery your grandma - its actually one of my fave names!

    happy monday, friend!

  2. What a lovely lady! Look a that smile! :)

  3. Hey there! I just wanted to thank you for visiting my blog and for your sweet comment! It's always nice to connect with a fellow Ohioian! Maybe I'll see you at a Cbusr meetup! Keep in touch!


  4. Is that your grandma? Her swimsuit is adorable...I want!


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