Monday, May 9, 2011

Always Believe...

Good morning {afternoon or evening}, Lovelies.

How was your weekend? Do anything fun? 

I went home to the parents' house this weekend. A weekend in the country is always good for the soul {and it was Mother's day... so even more reason.}. Didn't do anything too crazy - saw the family, ate lots of delicious food, and had some drinks with the boys. 

I also introduced Mom to the world of Pinterest. {If you don't know what it is - it's addicting. It's evil. It sucks away all your time. True story. Don't do it! Just kidding... it's super cool!} Anyways... she is hooked - I officially sent her an invite a little bit ago. {You're welcome, Momma!} But then I logged in tonight to kill some time until I fell asleep - yes, I totally should be reading my Kate and William book - buttttt... I couldn't help it. Deal. ;)... and I saw this sweet little guy she posted on my "thoughts" board... and she wrote "always believe" under it... 
So sweet. 
So perfect. 
I love her.

It's truly the little things. I needed to see tonight, I've had some rough moments this weekend. But this made me smile. {Thanks Mom. :)}

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. 

Let's cheers our tea, coffee, wine, whatever your drink of choice is - to a fabulous week. {With not so much rain, ok Mother Nature?!}

Love Always.



  1. I have never gotten addicted to Pinterest. I couldn't really figure it out so I didn't bother haha. Sounds cool though. I love the photo about; so true!

  2. Very cool! I just discovered Pinterest last week and am hooked! Although i'm not sure exactly how to do it! I've found some pretty great quotes and pics. Have a great day girl!


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