Sunday, May 8, 2011

When she becomes your best friend.

How cute is she?! 
I saw a quote the other day that said "even if she wasn't my mom, I'd still go out of my way to be her friend." And thats the truth. I don't know what I'd do without her. I'm 28 years old and still have those moments that only Mom can fix. 

Over the years we have become extremely close she's become my best friend. I know that everyday she is going to call me on her way home from the Y. I know the make myself available around 7 each evening. That's just the way it is -- and depending on whats going on in our lives we could be on the phone forever. 

I treasure that time. 
Sometimes I just need it -- because at the end of the day there are things she can say to me that puts everything else in perspective like no one else can.

She has supported me thru all my amazing moments, the moments that have left me flat on my face, fleeting endeavors, and just growing up. It hasn't always been sunshine and kittens {and we both adore kittens ;)} but it's been something I wouldn't trade for the world. 

I feel extremely blessed when I think of how great our relationship is. I know not everyone has that. I count my lucky stars each night for the amazing family that I do have. They are my backbone. They are 3 of the most amazing people I've ever known.

So whether your Mom is in the next room, an hour away, across the country, or shining down on you from heaven... show her some love today. And whether you are best friends, mere acquaintances, or the worst enemies... Let her know just how much you appreciate her. {because chances are, regardless of what you are - she probably played a hand in getting you there. Good or bad.}Tell her how you don't know what you would do without her there to shake her head when you have a crazy idea, laugh at you when you say something off the wall, or just call you to make sure you are feeling better today.  Let her know you love her like no one else. {And it won't hurt to tell your dad that as well - he needs some love too ;)}

Um, skinny minnie! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this dress. '

And to my Momma, I thought I'd write her a lil thank you note...

thank you for always being there.
thank you for being excited when i come home for the weekend. {even when it seems i'm home quite often these days.}
thank you for letting me make mistakes.
thank you for letting me figure it out on my own but always being there to pick me back up if i fall down.
thank you for laughing at with me in church when i'm marveling over my shoes.
thank you for raising me in a family as amazing as ours.
thank you for giving us the freedom to decide our own paths but enough guidance so we didn't feel completely lost.
thank you for always encouraging my love of animals.
thank you for family vacations.
thank you for not telling dad when i said i have him wrapped around my finger. oh wait, you did that. ;)
thank you for listening to me cry.
thank you for listening to me bitch.
thank you for always being willing to come save me when my hearts broken.
thank you for being happy for me when things are going well.
thank you for supporting my dreams. {even though they can sometimes be a little ridiculous}
thank you for making chicken and rice casserole. {it will always be my favorite food}
thank you for letting me borrow your shoes.
thank you for having good genes. {actually you and dad both}
thank you for loving dad. and for showing us what true love looks like and never pushing us to settle into something.
thank you for your honest opinions on fashion.
thank you for my tiny ears and small feet.

and most importantly, thank you for being you. the most amazing woman i know.

 How cute are they?!
 So pretty.

me as a baby and Momma not long after she had me - looks so great!

Happy Mother's Day to all you amazing Moms out there. I hope you get spoiled to death by your loved ones. 

Have a good Sunday, pretties.
Love always.


  1. Thank you for being a wonderful daughter (sure hope I'm spelling this correctly as the tears are running down my face). I hope my momma is enjoying her day in heaven and knows just how much I love and miss her every day of my life. She would have enjoyed watching you grow into a beautiful woman, Jac. Thank you for making this day very special for me. (Now, you wanta help me clean the house?) ;)

  2. This is so sweet honey!!!! What a wonderful tribute. Kori xoxo

  3. This was such a beautiful post to your mother :) Also very well written..your momma is lucky to have such a loving daughter!


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