Monday, May 30, 2011

I want. I need. {tickle me tuesday}

whoa?! where did tuesday come from?!

*sigh* this weekend went by WAYYYY too fast. *exasperated sigh*

on a happy note -- i got to spend time with the fam, my old kitty, and soaked up some sun. i'm welcoming tan lines right now - and i have them! {doing a happy dance - i heart being tan}. 

so as i sit here watching the bachelorette with my fam {i love william (and he's from cbus - eeeeek!!!) and jp (so far!)} i thought i'd do a little bloggy posting. 

i'm really kind of loving these linky blog parties. they're fun - and they give you something to chat about. 

and on that note... tickle me tuesday begins...

the rules of the game are this: list 1 to 5 things thats tickling your fancy right now.
easy peezy lemon squeezey.




  1.  {source}

  1. {three}

i love ruche. that online boutique is ahhhhmazing!!!!

whats is tickling your fancy, pretties?!

happy monday tuesday!!

love always.


  1. very awesome stuff, lady!

    ps... your guest post has been the most popular post on my blog to date! :) hope it's getting some traffic to you!

  2. i love the way you write - it's so fun and quirky!

    i definitely don't want tan lines but i'm sooo pumped to get tanned!

  3. That dress is GORGEOUS! Thanks for linking up :)

  4. That dress is fantastic...and I love Ruche too!!

  5. Very pretty dress!! Happy Tuesday! :)

  6. the skirt made me smile. i want it!


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