Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Semi Wordless Wednesday {Style Mavens - according to me}

oh yea... it's a stinkin link party around here this week! 
i'm just really trying to see how much partying i can do in a weeks time. {i'm gonna be exhausted come next week! hehe}
it is the beginning of summer, duh - party time!!

but in all seriousness...
it's time for semi wordless wednesday.
hop on over to Flip Flops and Pearls and link up, kiddies! 


{Style Mavens}
in MY opinion these women are among the most fashionable/beautiful women in hollywood right now. 

Source: None via Jacqueline on Pinterest

Source: None via Jacqueline on Pinterest

these are the ladies that inspire me. i enjoy seeing what they're wearing to various events and outings. i am not, however, saying that they look amazing 100% of the time {jess has had some not so stellar fashion moments, but don't we all?!}. 

happy hump day, chickies! 

love always.

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