Friday, June 3, 2011

Fashion Friday {A Royal Affair. A Shameless Plug.}

Happy Friday kids!

So I was over on Erin's blog earlier today and she was chatting about how she always greets and says goodbye in her posts and how she feels she's the only one - then I realized that I do the same thing! I feel like it's a bit more personal, don't you think?! I want y'all to feel at home here. ;)

Onto the business at hand - in this weeks tradition of linky parties this will be my final stop {perhaps next week I may join a couple, but it won't be party hoppin' central over here - just wanted to test it out :)} I'm linking up with Kori at Blonde Episodes for Fashion Friday.

This Fashion Friday post is going to be a bit of a shameless plug... let me begin with a story...

Once upon a time there was a girl {me} who began a collaboration with her friend {Amy}. They began making headbands and hair accessories. {they were quite pretty if I do say so myself.} They named their little venture Amrie Boutique. They had a fun little run last year but life got crazy and their momentum ran out. {it was a hobby that we could take or leave} Life took over and months had passed. Amrie was nearly forgotten about. Then one day the girl was contacted by the fashion editor {Erika} of (614) Magazine. She sweetly asked her to whip up a vintage hair accessory that they could possibly use in the upcoming Wedding issue of the magazine. The girl was pretty excited, but kept it quiet, she didn't want to jinx it. {i didn't know if they would use it, it was very short notice, and i didn't want to get any hopes up} She quickly put something together and met Erika the next day to give it to her. {crossing my fingers that she would like what I created.}
They loved it.
And used it in the shoot.
The magazine was released yesterday.
And I'm completely thrilled that my piece made in it there alongside some AHHHHHMAZING other designers. The Ritzy Rose did the brooch bouquet and it's fabulous. {She also did the bouquet for Miranda Lambert's wedding!!!! Eeeeeek!!! And she's local!!!! Cbusr's rock!}

And here it is... the photo spread from the magazine.
{Click here for the full spread.}

I apologize for the teeny tiny size of the photos - they were yucky and pixelated when I enlarged them. I also apologize for the shameless plug - but dude, I was excited!!!

Thank you Erika and (614) Magazine. :)

Happy Friday, loves!

Anything exciting planned for the weekend?! It's birthday celebration weekend for Missy!!! Head on over there and wish her a good one!!!

Love always.


  1. Loving this...thanks for linking up with me today honey! Kori xoxo

  2. Um, yeah, that is SUPER exciting!! Good for you! :D


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