Thursday, June 23, 2011

Love Lessons.

I've been thinking about relationships a lot lately - don't ask me why. But I have. {I blame it on the Bachelorette, it reminds me of the jackasses I've dated and the stupid girl that I've been. ;)} And I have realized that regardless of the outcome of any relationship, the good thing you have at the end {if it ends} is what you learn - what you can take with you to the next round. So for that, I'm thankful to the jackasses and the stupid girl I've been - because I've learned a lot - and one day - I'll get it right.

Don't get me wrong, guys... I have NO problem being single - but when the time comes - that's all I'm saying. ;)
Without further ado... allow me to enlighten you...

Lessons Learned in Love Life.

1. meet his family. you will learn so much from that time with them. it's imperative. 
2. when you begin to question yourself - or why you are doing something that you wouldn't normally {i.e. becoming a huge sports fan, hanging out in trash bars, wearing biker clothing, etc...} RUN. as. fast. as. you. can. 
3. "i love you" is overused. and eventually becomes meaningless if there aren't actions to back it up.
4. if a guy tells you to work out because you will feel better. kick him in the balls. *dudes - never tell a girl to workout. ever. she won't forget it. and she will never feel "skinny" enough for you after that.* {that said - there is NOTHING wrong with working out as a couple, however do not FORCE it - that's when it can create a self-esteem issue}
5. watch how he interacts with your friends and family. those moments are crucial. 
6. don't pass judgements so early on. you know the guy who seems to have all the great qualities but you "just don't know about" - give it a shot. what do you have to lose?
7. being labeled "too country" or "too city" is the biggest cop out i've ever heard. 
8. if he talks a big game - chances are - he won't be able to back it up...if you know what I mean.
9. looks aren't everything. chemistry is. 
10. the next guy you date won't be the a carbon copy of your ex. so don't treat him like he is. 
11. if he asks you how your day is, and waits to hear the answer - keep him. because in the end... it's the little things that make it work.
12. trust him until he gives you a reason not to. 
13. be interested in his world - i'm not saying change who you are - but pay attention. he will thank you when you do.
14. if you have a feeling in your gut - go with it. check it out, because usually - it's dead on.
15. if they buy you flowers for no reason - take note of that. because it shows their character. 
16. don't push too hard {i tend to - i'm a pusher} but once in awhile, take a step back - maybe you just have to let it go.
17. if he hurts you once, chances are - he will do it again. and again. and again.
18. love with all your heart. that's the only way it works.
19. and maybe the most important lesson - you have to love yourself, first. you can't expect a guy to love you or respect you if you don't love and respect yourself.

Maybe you have learned those lessons as well, maybe you have learned different ones, and perhaps the ones I've learned you completely disagree with - however, it's all relative, right? We all learn through our own life experiences. And mine, have taught me that.

What life lessons in love or otherwise do you take with you everywhere?

Happy Thursday, dolls.

Love always.


  1. i really enjoyed your post today! I have been thinking about relationships a lot, and lately been going back and forth between one....geez they can be difficult! But thanks for your Love lessons for the day. :)

  2. Great post girl. Everything you wrote is dead on :) Love ya!


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