Sunday, June 19, 2011

she thinks we're just fishing...

Happy Sunday and happy fathers day to all you dad's out there. {although, I assume the majority of my readers are ladies. ;) but I could be wrong.}

Friday night I spent some time with an old HS friend. And he has a daughter who is about 3 1/2. As I was watching them it made me think of my own relationship with my Dad. 
She reminded me so much of myself, even still. {sad, right?!}
She was giving him the "daddy, please"look. Pouting at all the right moments, and basically just had him wrapped around her little finger. He even told me that she has "Jackie tendencies" {that can't be bad right?! hahaha poor girl!}

I've always been okay with the phrase "daddy's girl" I will admit to anyone that I am. He's the one guy who has never let me down. Ever. He has driven 3 hours to get my car and drove 3 hours home to fix it. He's moved me in to countless places, making sure everything is safe and ready for me. He's watched seasons of The Bachelor, Dawson's Creek, and Buffy with me. He's texted me to make sure I'm okay and to tell me he loves and misses me. He watches over my precious old cat, Snickers, even though he knows it's due time... he is letting me come to terms with it on my own time. He's that guy that no matter what... no one can match up to.

I have spent hours, days trying to think of what to say to reflect the importance of him in my life. However, I haven't nailed it. And I've come to the conclusion that there aren't words...
I couldn't survive without him.
I wouldn't be me, without him.
We may not sit down for hours and chat about trucks, boys, clothes, or insignificant things... but at the end of the day... it doesn't matter. I've never questioned whether he'd be there when I needed him. I've always known he would be. And there's no way I can thank him enough. I can't find it in a card {I've looked, trust me.} And I can't find it in just a thank you. There's nothing that can put that security and love into words.

There's a song, 'Just Fishin' by Trace Adkins. {it's country - for all you non country fans ;)} When I first heard it, I felt tears in my eyes because it's so just me and my dad. The first line is 'she's talking about her ballet shoes and training wheels and her kittens... and she thinks we're just fishing.' Not that Dad and I went fishing all the time - but adventures that were of the same. {like the time his orange truck broke down and we had to walk all the way to Grandpa's... God himself only knows how many times I saw something "cute" on our walk and said "oh daddy, can I please have a raccoon?}
And those are the moments that I treasure.
The moments that I'm sure he had to endure when I was little {and even now} of me rambling about anything {usually an animal}. And he did - without fail. He laughs at my silliness, rolls his eyes at my antics, but loves me without fail.

He and my Mom have shown my brother and I what true love is. What is means to be a family, to be happy, to be safe. And for that, I think we will be eternally grateful.

Happy Father's Day to the most amazing man I know.
 I love you.
I hope you have an amazing day and know how important you are to all of us.

Again, happy father's day to y'all.

Love always.


  1. These pictures are so moving :). Great post.

  2. awww what a great post dedicated to your father!! :) but i have to say... go blue!! ;)

  3. How sweet! I love seeing old pictures like these (: Happy Daddy's day to your dad!


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