Thursday, June 16, 2011

beach, buffy, dreams

Happy Thursday dolls!
How are you? What have I missed while I've been away?!
I've been so slacking in the blogging arena lately.

I've felt really uninspired.
 Ever have that problem? 
I hate that feeling. 
It's icky. {yes, icky. deal with it ;)}

So in order to try to inspire myself... I visited Pinterest for the first time in a while as well. {see, the uninspired thing has affected all outlets. ugh.}

Here are the pretties that made me smile this week...

Sometimes it's things like this that I need to see and hear. We all get stuck on those dreams and making them a reality... so this was needed.

I love this. I tried it on my hair and it was so cute!!! I didn't rock it today because I didn't think it'd fair very well during my run. But this may become my new hair look. {I tend to find new things then rock them till I get bored with it - anyone else do this!?}

Source: via Tara on Pinterest
So once upon a time, I used to watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer every single week. And I LOVED it. This is where I first began my love for the Claddagh ring. It's an Irish ring that has a crown meaning loyalty, hands meaning friendship, and heart meaning love. I've had mine for about 8 years. E bought it for me on a little road trip to Grand Rapids, Ohio. {so so so many years ago.}
I still wear it, is that weird? Yes? I just love it. {judge me if you want, it's ok.}

Source: via Birute on Pinterest
I love this show. {obviously} This is where my enjoyment of the vampire genre began. In my opinion, this is the best vampire installment still. {yes, even over Twilight AND Vampire Diaries} I watched this show all the way through and I am SO excited that it's now on every night at 10 on Teen Nick. I have remembered how much I loved it. And it's made me quite happy. {it's really the little things, guys.} 
Anyone else love this show?!

I am in desperate need of sand in my toes, salt sticking to my skin, the ocean breeze, a sweet cocktail in hand, and a fabulous beach read. Sometimes I just want to plant my bum in the sand and unplug for a while. I need to find my way there for a bit.

So what do you kids have planned for the weekend? 
Anything fun?!

It's Daddy's day Sunday {and his bday Tuesday} so I'm headed to the country for the weekend. 

Hope you all have a fabulous Thursday.

Love always.


  1. I have missed you!! I was actually just thinking about you last night and where you have been! It's about time you are back in action girl :) Hope all is well with you...I could totally go for being somewhere like that last picture! Cute hair idea too...if only I had that talent! Have a wonderful day!

  2. :) that braid is great, looks impossible to make but oh so stylish. Long great post, I like that.


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