Sunday, March 13, 2011

10 things I love... RIGHT NOW!

Face it - we are all obsessing over something right now. So Sunday obsessions is born... This is a list of the 10 things I'm seriously obsessed with right now. Check 'em out... you just may fall in love with them yourself. ;)

The Band Perry is amazing. Her vocals and their lyrics are so refreshing, fun, and just perfect in my opinion.
This stuff smells aaaamazing. Victoria's Secret Bombshell.

My leopard print scarf is serving as my "neutral" scarf for the spring. I'm in love with it. Mine came from Charming Charlie at Polaris.

My newly blonde hair. Thank you Ann Groves at Tangles on the Ave. I love, love, love it. I missed being blonde. I feel like myself again.

Spring. In Ohio. It's glorious. (Check my previous posts for more pictures!)

Reading: I'm in the process of reading both of these books. And I must get through them soon... I have an ample list of other books I can't wait to read!

Sonny and Brenda on General Hospital. My favorite fictional couple, ever. I'm loving that they're back together after so many years. (Yes, I'm a silly girl who loves soap operas...I blame my momma. :))

Meet Mac, aka J.dizzle, he's the new kitten in the Shull household and he's ADORABLE.


The Shine Project is this fabulous blog and inspirational project that my dear Twitter friend, Ashley started. Check it out. I promise, you will be inspired.

Time with my friends. I'm so thankful for them. They're simply amazing.

And time with my family. They are the best people I've ever known and I'm such a lucky, lucky girl to have them.

What are you in love with RIGHT NOW??

Have a fabulous Sunday, loves.

Love always,

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  1. Fun post! Reminds me of my Pink Smiles post the other day. I am a bit older than you, so my obsessions might differ, but some of them...well you inspired me!


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