Monday, March 14, 2011

The Mondays.

I have a serious case of them. I'm sleepy. I still need to do laundry. Our drain is broken so we can't do dishes. I'm still trying to figure out whats going on with my car. And I need some caffeine. Ugh.

But enough complaining. Spring is on its way this week. Yayyyy! I'm so insanely happy about this. Which means spring fashion (I just did a little happy dance!), walks in the park, running outdoors, cookouts, and MY BIRTHDAY (I know, I know, my mom and brother's birthdays are first. But still...)!!!! I do believe this should be observed for an entire month. The entire month of May I drive my friends and family insane with it... but they have learned to accept it and have fun with it! Yayy for the bestest (or most tolerant) people in my life!

How's your Monday treating you? Did it start off well?
If you can could you please bring me some Starbucks??

Have a good day loves!!

Love always,


  1. Not too bad, but I could also use about 3 more cups of starbucks! Thanks again for being awesome and let's hope to us all getting sleep tonight!!


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